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  • CEO’s Message to Employees 2021

    It is with pride that I write to you at a time when better times are approaching with the control of the pandemic. Pride of behavior, of the sense of responsibility and courage that are characteristic of you.

    Despite the pandemic, so far we have had very positive results for the Group, thanks to the entry into new markets, the continuous preference for our products, quality production and the speed of response to customers.

    We will continue to spread our brand across Europe, aiming to become the European leader in the manufacture of aluminum products for the home, with a focus on innovation and sustainable development. A path that is only possible with you, with a sense of Group, commitment and daily commitment.

    We will continue to plan and develop measures for well-being, through the ergonomic improvement of workstations, new training programs available to all and new protocol partnerships. We are creating new ways for better communication between everyone, more comfortable facilities and a work culture focused on 4 values:

    Humility, Commitment, Courage and Perseverance.

    For that I count on your contribution. We are a Group With Open Doors. This new Group motto means “opening our doors” to the market, to the best professionals and their suggestions. Our openness to transform and place this Group in line with the largest employers in our region. Openness to establish relationships with local agents and with our surrounding community.

    We assume a commitment to Sustainability, based on 3 vectors: Eco-Conception, with increasingly ecological production and products, valuing Employees, through the growing commitment to actions to preserve health and improve ergonomics, raise awareness of healthy habits , the effort with the entities to increase public transport routes to the facilities, and the promotion of gender, race or ethnic equality. Finally, Social Responsibility, through actions such as: blood donation, promotion of volunteer work, actions to support the most needy and dissemination of culture, as a way to raise awareness of what is the source of our enrichment as people.

    We are in a phase of change. However, this is a continuous work and it will take time to polish and get the way we aspire and desire. Only with a sense of group and the commitment and cooperation of everyone can we continue to correct mistakes, improve methods and procedures and develop better working conditions for everyone.


    I am counting on you to continue this journey together.


    Adelino Costa
    Founder and CEO at Gardengate Group