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  • Curricular Internships - Professional Education

    Gardengate Group, Braga and Amares, Integral time

    Do you attend a level IV or V professional course and want to do your Curricular Internship or Work Context Apprenticeship in a successful business group?

    We have several areas where you can help and learn, such as:

    • Electronics and automation
    • Metalworking
    • Industrial production and maintenance
    • Logistics
    • Production management
    • Technical drawing
    • Graphic Design and Multimedia
    • Secretariat

    Your area is not on this list and do you think you can help us? Send us your application for review.

    How can you apply?

    Talk to your teachers to see if we are the right company for you.

    Fill out this application form indicating your course and internship date and come with us to do your curricular internship with Gardengate Group.

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