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  • Working at Gardengate Group

    Working at Gardengate Group means being part of a successful group.

    It means being able to create a successful professional path, contributing to the growth of a Group recognized in the European market.

    Reconciling professional and personal life is one of the focuses of this Group. We value learning and knowledge sharing, crucial vectors in a constantly growing Group.

    With open doors

    At Gardengate Group we have the doors open to receive talent, dynamism and proactivity!

    We open the doors to make ourselves known to the world and receive everyone who seeks to make a difference.

    Our working


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      Team work. Spirit of collaboration and mutual aid, crucial points for the success of an industrial group.

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      We value creativity. Any ideas that can contribute to being better are heard!

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      We constantly propose to embrace new challenges and achieve new goals. With a focus on the needs of the market, we strive to enhance our Group, our products and our brands.

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      All our strategic thinking and daily practices are guided by the principles of respect and preservation of the environment.

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      We provide our employees with conditions to achieve a balance between professional and personal life.

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      We value and recognize competence. We recognize that it was the effort, merit and commitment of each employee that brought us here.


    Programs and


    Discounts on health and wellness services for employees and family members.
    Safety, Health and Well-being. Work better.




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